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Crystal Soft offers advanced and uniquely designed water softeners for homes that convert hard water into soft water. Our water softeners use non-electric automatic regeneration technology along with an ion-exchange process that helps you get rid of that manual and time-consuming regeneration process. Our softeners for the bathroom also come in trendy and sleek designs that improve the appearance of your bathroom. When it comes to the features, our water softeners have an LCD display that shows regeneration status and other measurement levels. The technology and features make our water softeners the best home plumbing system for your home. You can get various benefits by using soft water for washing, bathing, cleaning, and other purposes.
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Crystal Soft Pure Water Solutions offers a wide range of hard water softeners for home use. You can choose the most suitable one as per your needs and budget. Here are the features you can consider:
  • Regeneration-based softeners
  • Reduces detergent & water consumption
  • Improves the washing machine's efficiency
  • Efficient ion-exchange process
  • Manual intervention
  • Ever soft water
  • Prevent damages to appliances
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water solutions provide Quality Products at fair prices. We believe in Quality First and Quality must.


Water Solutions is Authorized Dealers for All Major Water Purifier and Water Softener Service Providers.

Trained Workers

We aim to provide the best on-site service on time. We have a well- trained and dedicated team for providing service to the customers.

Time Availability

Water Solutions is available 24|7 by Whatsapp to note all services. Mon to Sat 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Quick Response

Water solutions respond to the queries of the customers rapidly to provide them satisfaction. For quick response please contact us.

10 Year Warranty

Products have 1-year warranty from the date of installation and 10 years warranty on FRP in the water treatment system.


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